10 Image Websites You Absolutely Need for Content Marketing

Have you ever been tasked to do a project or write a blog and had trouble finding images that you could use without copyright issues? Or maybe a big part of your job is to find and use images regularly? Be sure to save these image directory sites, they are awesome!

Below is a list of 10 websites you can use to find images for your needs so you can create your own image library! Quench your image-searching thirst!


This is one that you need to have in your favorites! New photos are added daily, so you never get bored of the same images. Lots of categories ranging from nature to business. You name it, they have it! Picjumbo has a large variety to choose from



This website was built on Tumblr originally. Every 10 days you can expect 10 new beautiful images.  Another cool thing is that you can subscribe to them and receive images directly into your inbox.



This is probably the one I use the most. It is very simple to use and has beautiful images! It uses a lot of images from other free image websites, so you can find what you need really fast!



One of my favorites. Very high-quality photos without any image restrictions. The images are taken by Ryan McGuire, you can give him credit if you want, but he doesn’t require it. Just scroll through his pictures, pick the one you like and use it!



Have you ever heard of Flickr? They give you the option of sharing and saving images. One cool feature is that you can edit the photos, so you have some customizability there. You will need to become a member to access all the features.


Free Photos Bankfreephotosbank

The images found here are artsier. Want images full of abstract art, nature, and patterns? This is the website for you! You do not have to become a member.


Pic Searchpicsearch

Does exactly what its name states. Picsearch lets you type in what you’re looking for and it will search it up and index it for you.


Deviant Artdeviantart

Another popular one! Deviant Art has over 30 million members and is one of the most used free image sites on the internet. The only thing you need to make sure you do is to give credit to the photographers if you use their work, as they are under the Creative Commons.



These images are not free, but I want to put this one up here anyway. Beautiful images that you can use at a very cheap rate. Their collection has over 4 million images!



Possibly the largest free image site. GettyImages uploads near to 35 million photos a month! If you are looking for an endless amount of images that are high quality, be sure to check this one out! If you see an image you like, click the icon, and paste the code onto your page.


Hope you liked our list! If I missed one or if you would like to share one you use, please tell us in the comments below!

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