14 Reasons You Need Infusionsoft For Your Small Business

14 Reasons You Need Infusionsoft For Your Small BusinessAre you a small business owner and looking for something that can give your business a boost?
Well, read up on these 14 reasons why you should choose Infusionsoft!

If you are already an Infusionsoft customer, you may be able to learn a little something by reading this as well!

1. Most other email marketing tools are very plain and can’t do as much. Infusionsoft is for those who are looking to scale their business long-term and provides all the tools necessary to do so.

2. Your customers are going to be expecting better marketing. Personalized marketing. And if you are sending just bland email blasts to them, they will lose interest fast. Infusionsoft allows you to step up your marketing.

3. As a small business owner, you have lots of things on your plate. Infusionsoft will let you save time by taking things off your plate onto its own. Allowing you to enjoy some free time, and focus on other aspects of your business.

4. Not only does Infusionsoft market to your leads and clients. It will also keep track of them and create a chart every quarter and show you which leads converted and where. It will also show you the holes where leads may have fell through.

5. Creating email campaigns is different than “autoresponders”. Email marketing campaigns let you target specific groups of people depending on the choices they make in your emails (clicks, opens, purchases). I like to call it smart marketing.

6. Infusionsoft spends a lot of time and money in ensuring that it can send your emails, by creating trust with ISP’s and email providers. Because of this, they have a very low tolerance for spamming. Which is good for you, because it will keep your deliverability rate healthy!

7. Integrating with WordPress is a spiffy! You’re most likely using WordPress to run your website or blog. Infusionsoft plugs directly into WordPress and has some awesome features you can plug in as well.

8. Infusionsoft is smart. One of the greatest features it has it capturing data. Infusionsoft will let you capture tons of data about each customer you have so that you know exactly how to grow your business and which direction to go.

9. You need a tool that you can rely on for a long time. Infusionsoft is backed by huge investment capital firms. So you can rest assured that they will be around for a while, and up to date with the latest software and technology.

10. Most automation tools don’t do everything you want, so you have to invest in other systems. Not with Infusionsoft! You need an all in one tool that can do it all! Whether its processing credit cards to generating sales reports.

11. This can be your personal assistant (without actually hiring a full-time assistant). Keep track of appointments for you and your team, see where your calendar invites are going and who is accepting them. Follow up with clients and generate referrals without actually doing it yourself.

12. One huge benefit of having Infusionsoft are its tags. Tags allow you to categorize your contacts depending on what they do in your sales pipeline. Each tag will also have its own series of automation sequences to help each of them towards the end goal. Being a customer.

13. You need something with an open API. Infusionsoft can integrate with almost any other tools/system out there. Meaning you can import things into Infusionsoft, or if you enjoy using a certain tool, you can get them to talk to each other without any hangups.

14. Having a system that you can count is of big importance. Infusionsoft offers, tech support, email support, and live chat teams so that you can have insight on projects and help to grow your business.

And as luck would have it. We are Certified partners of Infusionsoft! If you have any questions at all please feel free to give us a call or shoot us an email!  ->  #480-788-2460   info@banderamarketing.com