30 Content Marketing Ideas for Your Small Business

30 Content Marketing Ideas for Your Small Business

If you are like me (and most other marketers), after a while, you may start to scramble for new content marketing ideas for your small business.

Did you know that 9 out of 10 companies use some sort of content marketing? Try imagining all of that content.

Below is a list of 30 content marketing tips for your small business that will save you some research time, and hopefully give you enough new ideas to work with for a while!

You most likely do a lot of these things, but If you have any other ideas that are not listed on this list, please feel free to share it with us in the comments section below. 🙂


1 Define your ideal customer (who are you creating your content for?)

2 Quality over Quantity. Instead of making  5 low-quality pieces of content a month, make 2 high-quality pieces instead.

3 Put together a list of industry statistics and research articles.

4 Find a better source for images. Some of the stock photos look very cheap and cheesy

5 Write a post with a future prediction of a trend within your niche.

6 Go through your old posts and make sure they all have some sort of call to action.

7 Test out your pop-up opt-ins to see how effective they are.

8 Create a decision guide.

9 Download Grammarly for your next posts to better improve the way your articles are written.

10 Create a fun infographic of what is trending in your industry.

11 Research different opt-in plugins that can benefit your website or blog

12 Write follow up posts on your top blogs or articles (look at your analytics)

13 Recycle some of your content and turn them into articles! (or vice-versa)

14 Look into featuring key partners or including guest posts on your site/blog.

15 Get a Content Idea Generator to find new ideas for your headlines and blogs, etc.

16 Do a survey of your audience and publish a post with your outcome/findings.

17 Contact influencers in your field and host an interview with them.

18 Use HootSuite to schedule your social media posts in advance.

19 Joining Reddit pages and bouncing ideas back and forth with one another will shed lots of light on new ideas.

20 build a spreadsheet to jot down ideas that come to mind throughout your day.

21 Creating Landmark articles with huge amounts of resources on certain topics.

22 categorize your articles and content to make it easier for visitors to search/browse

23 Creating blogs or pieces of content with an excerpt out of your ebook and encouraging them to download it. (tripwire)

24 Make a “Hack” post to help people in your niche overcome certain problems or issues.

25 Use Quora to find answers to common questions that are asked in your industry.

26 When using photos you made on your site, Put your URL or name on it to retain credit for them.

27 Create an info product that you can put on your site to grow your contact list.

28 Review a book that pertains to your audience, and write a post on it.

29 Have a list of motivational quotes that you can share often, or even use as a blog post.

30 Look into making short videos for your site, or social media (1 minute or less)


Please feel free to share your other ideas with us and the other readers in the comment section below.