The 5 Keys to Social Media Success

The 5 Keys to Social Media Success - infographicThe 5 Keys to Social Media Success- If you clicked on this blog post it’s probably because you are looking for some guidance on how to get your social media to bear more fruit.

Social Media can be a tremendous help in increasing your leads and generating sales, yet sometimes it can be a hassle and a letdown You need to post content that your target market will value so they slowly begin to trust you.

  1. Engage

As you post content on your social media outlets, and as you continue to grow your business, you will begin to see more and more comments, complaints, feedback, and praise. What are you going to do with these? Just let them sit there?… No! you need to engage! To engage means you should comment back, apologies, reply, and thank those people. You should have kick-ass customer service.

  1. Influence

You are a professional business, and you want others to learn from you, and think of you as a trusted source of information! This is where you make and post your own content. As you continue to create and post valuable content, you will gain a following and become an Influencer. Make sure the content you are creating is valuable. I can’t stress that enough. Your content won’t influence anyone if it isn’t informative or doesn’t tickle their interests.

  1. Connect

This may seem self-explanatory, but let me break it down anyway. To connect does not mean to start connecting with random people that just post cute funny pictures of kittens.

To connect means to find and associate yourself with other influential brands/companies and start sharing their content. (Re-tweeting, shout outs, Re-posting) They may return the favor.  Keep in mind, you want to connect with other people who are “influential” meaning they are having an impact on your target market.

  1. Sell

Be sure to post the occasional deal, or offer you have running. Feel free to post lead magnets and hook offers. Just don’t do it too often, as people will feel like you are trying to sell to them constantly. Remember your new followers don’t know you, they need to see valuable content first to build trust in you and your product. When they trust and respect you, they will buy from you.

  1. Retarget

By implementing the 4 other keys, you will start to notice an increase in traffic on your website. This is when you need to be prepared with a way to retarget your leads. Set up ads, magnets, and hooks on that webpage! Some examples could be to create a sidebar opt-in that takes them to a squeeze page, or maybe one that pops down when your lead visits the page.

5 keys side bar optin. ad


Remember, the leads that make it to your website saw your posts and are interested in what you do and what you offer, so make sure your magnets and offers are relevant to the post that led them to your page in the first place.


Thank you for reading this article! If you haven’t started doing these things yet, I urge you to start! These steps can be a tremendous help in engaging your leads. This Is the age of social media, and it is definitely a tool that you should utilize correctly.

If you are aware of any other keys that have helped your social media become successful please tell us in the comments below.

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