5 Softwares Real Estate Agents Must Have in 2018


5 Softwares Real Estate Agents Must Have in 2018

In today’s real estate world, a good agent is armed and loaded with all kinds software and apps to keep leads coming in and keep them on track. There are a lot of different softwares to choose from. Below is a list of 5 Softwares Real Estate Agents Must Have in 2018, and why.

If you’re a Real Estate Agent looking to up your game in the field by staying organized, keeping up with all your leads, and close more sales, then this list is for you. Let’s Begin.


  • Get a CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

    salesforce real estate

If you don’t know what a CRM is you are missing out! Most Brokers provide some sort of CRM nowadays, but sometimes they aren’t all that great. A good CRM will let you store all your contacts, allow you to update them on the spot, remind you of tasks, and track progress with every contact.

More Robust CRM’s such as Zoho and SalesForce will even let you integrate with other software’s, let you customize the layout, and show you sales data on how you are doing for the month. A CRM is a must, and usually the more you pay, the better it is. 

*Fun Fact: Did you know that every dollar spent on a CRM system yields an average return of $8.71?


  • Lead Generation

zillow real estate

Not many Real Estate Agents can afford Lead gen software as they usually are very pricey. But at the same time, Real Estate Agents can’t afford to NOT have some sort of lead gen!

One great way is using a software like Zillow Premier Agent! As a free user, you can submit new rental and sales listings. You can also upload straight from your MLS and take credit for those listings. This will place you contact info in the upper right corner of the listing.

The downside of being a free user is that 3 other buyer’s agents will appear on the list as well. As a Premier Agent, you will have a higher chance of receiving their inquiry and receiving the full commission. You can also run ads on other agent’s listings for an additional cost.


  • IDX Website BuilderIDX website real estate

A website is an absolute must! If you can get a website with an IDX that’s even better! This will allow you to place your MLS listings on your website.

A great program to choose is Placester. Not only does is use WordPress (our favorite) as the website platform, but it will also let you have an IDX website for as low as $69 per year. Not bad considering most IDX website builders will charge around $150 a month.


  • Transaction Management Software

    dotloop real estate

Tired of updating excel sheets, having paperwork all over the place, and being unorganized? You need something like Dotloop. Dotloop lets you create and save all the paperwork that comes with closing a deal. You can also send out signature documents, create your own templates, and track everything!

If you are someone who likes organization, saving time and saving trees, then Dotloop will be one of your favorite softwares.


  • Lead Nurture

    constant contact real estate

How many of your leads that come in end up getting lost, or falling through the holes when they don’t buy? Most of the time they get buried by new incoming leads. Imagine how your year would be if you could close those leads that fell through the cracks, without you having to reach out to them?

If you said to yourself “That would be awesome!” then you need a lead nurture software. There are lots of free or cheap ones out there such as Mail Chimp and Constant Contact. With software’s like these, you can create emails, and send them out automatically over a period of time.

Now you can go to the beach and enjoy your vacation, knowing that while you’re laying there enjoying the sun, your work is continuing and your leads are getting reached.

  • All-In-One?

Some of you may be wondering “dang, that’s a lot of software’s and apps to manage” or “wow, those apps add up!” – well, I may have another solution for you.

What if I told you there was an ALL-IN-ONE software that could manage your contacts using a very robust CRM, can capture leads for you, automates your emails and text messages, can store all your sales data, and can integrate with countless other apps. Does it exist? It sure does!

The software I am talking about is Broker Booster. If you would like to know more about Broker Booster and how it can help you in the Real Estate world feel free ask for a consultation!

Did I miss one?  Feel free to include your favorite software in the comments! 

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