7 sales problems solved using automation.

7 Sales Problems Solved Using Automation

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You have probably heard the term “automation” before in the small business world. Let me explain to you why automation is useful in sales. Here are 7 sales problems solved using automation.

  • Following Up With Leads

If you talk to a sales rep who’s been “in the game” for a while, he will most likely tell you that to get a sale you must have between 6-8 touches. Which in many cases is very true. However, many if not most salespeople will stop following up or will lose track of the lead after the second or third try. Being in sales isn’t easy. Phone and email tag, lots of sticky notes, sea’s of calendar reminders, and leads fall through the holes.

This is where automation comes in handy. With automation, a follow-up is guaranteed to happen, (Even if you decide to go deep sea fishing and won’t have service, you bet that a follow-up will take place!) a series of emails will get sent out on your behalf as well as task reminders to call people. Some software’s will even email the lead after you’ve left a voicemail when mark that you’ve done so. Time-saving at its best.

When automation is taking care of your leads it allows you to free up time and stress! You can set it up to follow up with leads daily, weekly, monthly, you name it. No more, sticky notes, no more reminders written on your hands, and no more leads falling through holes. The software keeps all your contacts neatly organized, easily allowing the sales rep to gauge who the priority leads are, and how to act. 

  • Leads Not Converting To Customers

You have probably heard of the term sales “funnel” before. It’s called that for a reason! Essentially, there is a large pool of potentials at the top, however, the numbers get smaller and smaller as they progress towards the bottom.

But what if I told you there were holes in this funnel?

Many funnels have holes, and that’s ok, it’s part of being in a small business. With an automated sales pipeline you can track where your leads are falling away, whether it’s early on in the sales funnel or towards the end. This allows you to make the necessary changes and start patching those holes. Maybe it’s a series of automated emails before the initial call,? Maybe they’re lost in between calls? you get the idea.

The sales funnel can be tricky sometimes. Automating your sales pipeline allows you to see what areas need to be “patched” and what areas are working well.

  • Where Are My Customers Coming From?

One of the best perks of having an automation software is that you can identify where your leads are coming from – and, even better, track them to see if they essentially became a customer or not.

Here’s an example, you launched a Facebook ad and it brought you 500 fresh leads. Your sales pipeline can tell you how many of those leads turned into customers. If the analytics say only 3 turned into customers maybe the ad isn’t the most effective. This allows you to make changes to your ad, the way you interact with your leads (maybe some email nurturing before or after the sales call) or changing your target audience.

  • How Do I Train My Sales Reps?

Most automation software’s want you to be successful using their product, and how are you going to learn to use this software right off the bat? Chances are you won’t understand how to utilize all the tools at one time.

I’m going to use Infusionsoft as an example. They have wonderful training videos for each aspect of their software. If I want to learn how to manage my contacts I can watch a video on it. If I want to learn how to automate my processes, there’s a video for that too.

  • What Are My Sales Reps Doing?

If you were to ask a small business owner or manager how they follow up with their sales reps, they will most likely say that they hold weekly meetings, send emails, or they just ask everyone occasionally.

With an automation software, team leaders and managers can see the progress of leads and who “owns”, or is taking care of them. All the history that pertains to the lead is recorded and is easily accessible. It’s also a great way to see who your top sales reps are, and how to train sales reps that may be struggling.

  • How Much Revenue Will We Bring In This Month?

Gathering data from your sales reps isn’t the best or most accurate way to forecast what to expect in future revenue. With your pipeline being automated, all your sales are recorded and you can see the progress of your contacts. You can also run reports on your leads in each stage of your pipeline, sales won, sales lost, and sales that are on standby.

Automation can help keep track of your revenue

  • I Don’t Have Time To Learn a Software!

I’m not going to lie, when you decide to go with an automation software, chances are you will be spending a lot of time in it at first. I can promise you, when you decide to automate your sales and marketing you will save tons of time while having the ability to double your conversion rate, without breaking a sweat. I think of it as a “take one step back, then two steps forward”. Spend time to learn the software, and then enjoy saving time in the long run.

There are many great automation tools out there. CLICK HERE to schedule a demo and find out which one fits best for you!

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