About Us

The BIGGEST advantage our team here at Bandera Marketing have is that we really get small business.

 We have worked with both large and small companies and have learned the best ways for businesses to go about their marketing.We have worked with hundreds of small businesses from all around the world develop and deploy successful marketing strategies. This has given us valuable insights into the market research process and marketing strategy. 

We understand what it’s like to take on the big guy, and how important it is to plant your flag.


Justin (or JRob as most know him) is a marketing automation guru. Having helped hundreds of small businesses effectively implement marketing automation tools such as Infusionsoft and Active Campaign, he knows where the pitfalls are and how to avoid them, as well as how to optimize your marketing campaigns to get you real results. He got his start at Infusionsoft as their first ever marketing intern and quickly moved up to manage their elite kickstart team before leaving to start Bandera Marketing. Justin has a Business Management degree from the Marriott School of Business with an emphasis in Marketing.

When Justin’s not helping small business grow and succeed, he’s spending time with his beautiful wife, and three little ones, or outside hiking, camping, or mountain biking.


The city boy-Cowboy. Jared was born and raised in the city but is a Cowboy at heart. If he isn’t working he’s hunting, fishing, camping, or backpacking. His idea of a vacation is a small town next to big mountains where he can get lost. Jared’s career started in sales doing anything from door-to-door sales to software sales for start-up companies.

While working for a start-up company he grew a passion for the business world and hasn’t stopped learning since. Jared has worked with hundreds of small businesses, helping them learn, grow, and succeed. Jared specializes in making sales and marketing become one.


Bandera Marketing’s Content Creation Manager, Web Designer and Small Business Expert. Savio (Sav) can teach you how to utilize your marketing tools, how to successfully grow your small business, and how to 360-flip on a skateboard. Savio is a very outdoors type of person and enjoys going camping and mountain biking.

When Savio is not at work you can find him at home with his wife, shooting stuff in the desert, or out on the trail!